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Fernor Walnut Seedlings

Fernor late flowering walnut seedlings , which closed late exile branches of a walnut so kind to high -altitude areas can be planted in early autumn frosts affected by late spring frosts . Easily detached from the shell of the fruit, the cultivation has spread the delicious occurred in our country in recent years.

  • Fernor Franquette the X Lara is a hybrid.
  • It is a kind of French origin.
  • Late flowering.
  • High altitude over 1,000 meters of arable places.
  • Female flowers open in early May so affected by late spring frost.
  • At the beginning of November, so the ends of the branches affected by the closure of new shoots in late autumn frost.
  • 4x8 meters planted intervals.
  • Minor in fruit yield is good.
  • It is harvested in late September .
  • Thin is shelled . The fruit is separated easily.
  • Fernette species are pollinators of Franquette and accurate .
  • 1's in fruits bunches , 2s , and 4- 3x is .
  • Fruit weight average of 12 g, the internal efficiency of 49% fat and 51 % protein ratio 20'dir. %.


After your decision to review the data we have established walnut orchards


Our saplings to hundred percent is the right name is certified and exceeded.


Our company is among the few firms exporting abroad seedlings from our country.


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