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Our Company

Our company continues walnut sapling cultivation and from government agencies have provided all the procedures related to the sale of farming today and walnut seedlings of walnut seedlings from the 1985 sales of services in Turkey.

Our land is built on 50 acres of walnut seedlings of walnut seedlings growing our facilities 250,000 100,000 Total with french fern varieties grafted walnut seedlings , which are denominated in US chandler 150,000 units consist of walnut seedlings . Our retention rate is 95 percent walnut seedlings vaccine . The remaining 5 percent are identified by parts of our agricultural engineer is not available.

ur company is the rootstock of the vaccine that we have done our walnut seedlings we supply our own facilities. As a result of soil analysis done every year in our facilities , our certificates are renewed by the Ministry of Agriculture officials seeds from Todab our member institutions we trust.


After your decision to review the data we have established walnut orchards


Our saplings to hundred percent is the right name is certified and exceeded.


Our company is among the few firms exporting abroad seedlings from our country.


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